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    More Than A Shelter
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    More Than A Shelter
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    More Than A Shelter
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    More Than A Shelter

Justice for HSTC!

Humane Society of The Treasure Coast is an open shelter, which means that no companion animal will be turned away regardless of the condition in which the animal is received.  Animals come to the Shelter directly from residents of the community and from Martin County animal control.  Many of these animals cannot be placed in homes for adoption for various reasons such as the degree of injury or illness that the animals are suffering or the dangerous or feral nature of the animals.  At times the animal is terminally ill and/or has been so gravely injured that there are no viable options to save the animal.  Sadly, there are times, the only humane option is to euthanize the animal. Currently, Martin County laws do not allow us to trap, neuter or spay feral animals for release back into the wild. Thus, there are many challenges we face as we work to carry out our mission.   In order to address the many challenges of Shelter medicine, we invited the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program to review our entire operations.  We also advised the University of Florida of the concerns we have received from the very vocal critics of HSTC.  “The University of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine - the state’s foremost expert in animal care - has reviewed our operations and administration.   The University of Florida in its evaluation and review recognized HSTC for its clear commitment and concern for animals, the outstanding caring and the life-saving accomplishments of HSTC.  Our staff was viewed as intelligent, professional, and transparent as to the needs of the Shelter.  We were also noted for the quality of care provided to the growing population of Martin County.  Three other independent investigations of the Shelter operations resulted in findings that HSTC provides compassionate care to abandoned and homeless animals. We still have work to do and we will continue tirelessly working to improve animal’s lives.  We are grateful to our employees, volunteers and supporters, all of whom are involved with us because of a shared commitment to animal welfare in our community.”

Jeff Atlas, Chairman of the Board
Frank Valente, President, CEO
Humane Society of the Treasure Coast



Since 1955, the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast has been the leading advocate for animal welfare along the Treasure Coast. The key ingredient in our continued efforts and success is YOU.  By donating today, you make it possible for our humane society to continue to provide quality care for thousands of animals this year. Your gift will provide unconditional love, safe shelter, food, veterinary care, and a chance to find a forever loving home for lost, abandoned or abused animals.


Your gift will provide low cost spay neuter services to our community, or humane education to children, or pet therapy visits to senior centers, and so much more.

We offer a full menu of animal care services to the community, including obedience and agility training, small animal adoptions, and rainbow bridge services.

The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast is a (501c3) private non-profit organization. We rely on direct charitable gifts to support our mission.  As your local Humane Society, we are independent from all national animal welfare organizations. We do not receive any financial assistance from these groups.

If you have a loving pet at home, think of all the homeless animals who long to have the same good fortune. Please help us to continue our good work by giving animals in need the gift of life.

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