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HSTC’s Live Release Rates (LRR’s)

Animal welfare organizations have no standardized or agreed-upon method for tracking the release of live animals from animal shelters. As a result, statistics fluctuate from one group to another. Some use terms such as “no kill shelter” to suggest that they do not euthanize animals. Others define success by saving 90 percent of the animals that they shelter. These organizations generally select the types of animals that enter into their programs. For more than 60 years, HSTC has been an open admission shelter, meaning we turn no animal away.

HSTC strives to save every animal that arrives at our door. We never euthanize animals available for adoption for space reasons, and there is no limit for how long animals remain in our care.  While we actively seek to place our animals into loving homes, for some it is simply not possible nor responsible. We euthanize animals with illnesses or injuries that are beyond our capacity to treat, aggressive animals, and those that that pose health or safety risks to other animals or humans. 

HSTC partners with many animal welfare organizations and rescue groups. Each group maintains separate criteria for determining their own statistics. Some factor out such variables as owner-requested euthanasia, state or county ordinances regarding euthanasia of feral animals, animal control or veterinarian requested euthanasia, bite cases, and aggressive animals that pose a health risk to humans and other animals. 

Working with the University of Florida Maddie’s Shelter Program, HSTC has adopted the National Federation of Humane Societies Basic Animal Statistical Matrix to determine the shelter’s Live Release Rate (LRR). This formula only factors out owner-requested euthanasia and animals that have died or are lost in care. HSTC believes our numbers are conservative. Nevertheless, our LRR has consistently improved over the past three years as shown in the graphic below.

The following statistics are presented in this format in accordance with the requirements of Florida State Statute 823.15. Please click on the link for each Fiscal Year below to view the corresponding staticistics for that year.

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