Obedience Training

One on One Training

On various days and times during the week, we offer one on one basic training to dog owners.  These sessions aim to help dogs who have behavioral issues.  In these private sessions, you will learn how to modify certain behaviors through positive reinforcement.  Each session is $40 per hour.

To make an appointment with Heidi Fischer, our Animal Trainer & Behavior Specialist, please contact her at hfischer@hstc1.org or 772-600-3207.


Public Drop-In Obedience Class 

Can't commit to a full six weeks of classes? This drop-in class is great for dogs who have class experience, and want to keep their dog working.  This group style drop-in will keep your dog's skills sharp and reliable.

Please have your dog on a regular 4-6 foot leash and bring LOTS of small, soft treats.

NO reactive dogs, NO muzzles, NO retractable leashes, NO electric collars, NO flip flops.

Fee:  $10 per dog.  Cash/Check is prefered, if needed, we can proccess credit cards.

Class Schedule: Every 4th Saturday of the month.

Class Size:  Drop-Ins are limited to 10 dogs, please contact Heidi Fischer at hfischer@hstc1.org or 772-600-3207 to reserve your spot.

Time: Please arrive by 8:45am to check in. Classes start promptly at 9am.

Place: All classes are held outside, under the white tent at The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast.

RegistrationIf you have taken class at HSTC prior to October 2017, you will need to arrive to the tent by 8:30am and sign a Hold Harmless form and provide a copy of your dog's vaccination records.  

Next Drop-In Class: December 22nd


Group Training Classes

The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast offers a multitude of classes, each being capped at 8 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need. Classes are:

  •  6 weeks in length, 1 hour per class, and occur on the same day and time each week.  
  •  $140 or $110 if the dog was adopted from our shelter (this excludes Trick Dog, Nose Work, Control Unleased, Puppy Agility, and Sampler Class-prices are listed under class description). 
  • Are first-come, first-served, so please sign up early, as classes fill very quickly.
  • Non-refundable.


Registration is Easy!

Please download and fill out a registration form and turn it in along with a copy of your dog's shot records and payment in one of the following ways:

  1. Drop off to Jessie Clifford's office at 4100 S.W. Leighton Farm Avenue, Palm City, FL 34990 (office is located inside the Towl Building)
  2. Email to jclifford@hstc1.org
  3. Fax to 772-220-3610
  4. Mail to: Humane Society of the Treasure Coast (Attn: Jessie Clifford) 4100 S.W. Leighton Farm Avenue, Palm City, FL 34990

Please be sure to sign the release waiver on the back and provide a copy of your pet's current vaccination record prior to class.

For more information regarding Obedience Classes, please call our Director of Humane Education, Jessie Clifford, at (772) 600-3221 | email jclifford@hstc1.org.

Not sure which class to take?  Schedule an evaluation with Heidi Fischer at 772-600-3207 or hfischer@hstc1.org.  Evaluations are $20.


Puppy S.T.A.R. Class - Class for dogs 7 months and younger. 
Socialization - Training - Activity - Responsibility - Puppy S.T.A.R. is a great way to get your new dog off to a good start!  This class will not only teach your puppy age appropriate obedience skills (learn their name, sit, recall, etc.) but our trainer will walk you through t
he joys of puppyhood - housetraining, chewing, jumping and so much more. 

*Puppies must have first set of shots in order to participate in class.

Class Starts - Saturday, December 1 at 10:00 a.m.  FULL
Class Starts - Monday, January 14 at 6:00 p.m. **Date Change** 


Puppy Agility Fun - Class for dogs 7 months and younger.  Must have recently completed Puppy STAR.
Take advantage of your puppy's natural curiosity and abundant energy to introduce him or her to the fun sport of agility! This class will focus on some fundamentals of agility using puppy games that will utilize targeting, wobble boards, focus and basic obedience skills. Puppies will be introduced to sights, sounds, and techniques that are helpful toward building confidence without stress on baby joints. Class will help build your puppy's confidence and strengthen your bond and partnership. 

*This class is a 3 week class, the price is $60.

Class Starts - Monday, December 3 at 6:30 p.m.


Basic Obedience - Class for dogs 7 months or older. (If you have recently completed Puppy S.T.A.R. class, your dog does not have to meet the age requirement.)
Learn how to "listen to your dog" as your dog learns to "listen to you." Your dog will learn how to walk nicely on a leash as well as become solid on the commands sit, down, stay, come, leave it, and much more. Basic Obedience is a pre-requisite for Pet Therapy Class.

Class Starts - Saturday, December 1 at 11:30 a.m. 
Class Starts - Thursday, December 13 at 6:00 p.m.  FULL
Class Starts - Monday, January 7 at 11:30 a.m.  
Class Starts - 
Saturday, January 12 at 10:00 a.m. 


Advanced Obedience - Class for dogs of all ages (must have recently completed Basic Obedience).
This class will not only focus on proofing your dog's skills but also offers to get him/her ready for the Canine Good Citizens test. The last class will be the actual CGC test by an AKC Evaluator. 

Class Starts - Thursday, December 13 at 7:30 p.m. **Date Change**
Class Starts - Saturday, January 12 at 11:30 a.m.


Pet Therapy Class - Class for dogs 1 year old or older (must have previously taken Basic Obedience).
Have you ever wanted to give back to the community while spending time with your dog?  This class will help prepare you and your dog to be evaluated and registered by a Therapy Dog organization. This class is the next step in becoming a volunteer with Misty's Pals, the Pet Therapy volunteer group of the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast. This is an advanced class and offers the CGC test on the last day of class. Basic Obedience and being solid on all commands is a pre-requisite, as these are not taught in this class.

Class Starts - Wednesday, January 9 at 6:00 p.m.  FULL

Sampler Class - Have you ever wondered if your dog would enjoy Agility, Rally-O, Nose Work, or K-9 Fitness?  This 3 week class will allow you and your dog to work as a team to see what he or she may enjoy!  Agility is a dog sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course, Rally-O is where you and your dog follow a series of signs that tell you which direction to go and what obedience skill to perform with your dog, Nose Work is a search and scent activity, and K-9 Fitness is to increase strength, balance, and body awareness in your four legged friend. 

*This class is a 3 week class, the price is $60 and is limited to 6 spots.

There are no classes scheduled at this time.                   


Nose Work I - Class for dogs of all ages. 

Nose Work is a search and scent activity for virtually all dogs and people. This easy to learn sport is not only fun, but it also builds confidence and focus in many dogs. Nose Works provides a safe way to keep dogs fit and healthy through mental and physical exercise.  Participants will receive their very own scent kit, and because of this, classes are $140.  Participants must bring a soft crate to class, if you don’t own one, HSTC can provide a crate during class.


Class Starts - Wednesday, October 17 at 7:30 p.m. **No class on October 31 or November 21** 


Nose Work II - Class for dogs of all ages.
Nose Work 1 is a prerequisit for this class.  This class will be introducing new odors of Clove and Anise.  The hides will be more challenging with distractions and environmental conditions that change often.  We will also be learning how to read and understand your dog's body language.  Items needed for this class: soft treats, harness, 10 ft. leash, and a crate for your dog to relax while others play. This class is $100.


Class Starts - Thursday, January 24 at 6:30 p.m.


Tune Up Your Dog - Class for dogs of all ages.
Basic Obedience is a prerequisit for this class.  We are now offering a Tune Up Your Dog Class, where we will work on the problems you may be having.  Whether your dog is jumping up on people, lunging at other dogs while out on walks, still pulling on leash, or whatever issue you may be having, we will work on it in this class. 
This class is $80.00 due to only being held for four weeks.

No classes are scheduled at this time.


AKC Trick Dog - Class for dogs of all ages.

Want to teach your dog some new tricks? AKC Trick Dog is the class to take! During this four-week class, you and your dog will have a blast while learning new tricks and building a stronger bond.  Your dog will also get the chance to earn another AKC Title.  


*This class is a 3 week class, the price is $60.

Class Starts - Monday, December 3 at 11:30 a.m.


Focus Proofing - Six week class for dogs 7 months or older.
Focus Proofing class is geared to build strong communication with your dog by improving its obedience skills. In this class, you will work on focusing your dog's attention to you in an outside environment. This class will also build confidence for the shy dog and give them the skills they need to be able to work around other dogs. Focus Proofing is a great class to develop your dog’s balance and body awareness to maximize athleticism in your dog.  This class must be taken before beginning agility.  

Class Starts - Wednesday, January 9 at 7:30 p.m.


Control Unleashed - Seven week class for dogs of all ages (No aggressive dogs please). $140 class price for all students.  1st class is orientation WITHOUT dogs.

This class is based on the book, Control Unleashed, by Leslie Devitt.  Control Unleashed will help owners learn how to properly respond to the triggers that cause their dogs to become stressed, lose their focus or get overly excited.  We will teach you the necessary tools to help you properly respond to the stimuli in an environment full of distractions.  

No classes are scheduled at this time.


 Agility Training

Agility Classes

HSTC offers a variety of Agility Classes. Handler teams must have at taken Basic Obedience & Focus Proofing Class to be put on the roster for Agility Classes.  If you have previous agility experience, please call Heidi Fischer at 772-475-8192 to see which class would be the right fit for you!


Join HSTC's Agility Club

Agility Club membership is open to all handler teams who have successfully completed at least six (6) weeks of agility classes and have a basic understanding of the use of the equipment.  Joining the Agility club will allow you to practice at HSTC on your schedule whenever there isn't a scheduled class or event!  

A completed membership application, with check payable to HSTC in the amount of $150, should be returned to the shelter or emailed to jclifford@hstc1.org.  Upon completion of the application and acceptance by the Humane Society, the member will receive the gate code.