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BunFest raises $2800 for Humane Society

Doreen Poreba
April 30, 2013

Peter Cottontail may not have been at this year’s BunFest but plenty of his friends took his place. More than 450 people hopped on down to the shelter on April 6 to enjoy the day with and without their rabbits. The third annual event raised $2800 to help the HSTC maintain and expand its rabbit program, which includes spay/neuter, medical care and adequate housing, food and supplements.

“It was fantastic,” said Animal Care Manager Sara Kyle, who organizes the event each year. “Lots of fun was had by all.”

Those attending received helpful tips about how to properly care for rabbits and the importance of spay and neuter to help with the pet overpopulation.

Kyle said, “It is truly sad to see the amount of people who acquire pets and don’t do any research before getting the pet. But the staff at the shelter helped a large number of people at BunFest to understand rabbits and what they need to be happy and healthy.”

During BunFest, the HSTC offered a low cost spay and neuter program for just $30 for dogs, cats and rabbits weighing less than 40 pounds. Seventeen rabbit owners took advantage of the savings to get their unaltered rabbits spayed or neutered.

Visitors also had their bunnies groomed and they were shown how to safely clip their rabbits’ nails and how to keep them groomed for the overall health of the rabbit. The rabbit agility area also was a big hit, complete with tubes, hills and other fun obstacles to play in and around and hide and hop.

Special thanks goes to Tara Biek Creative, who donated the graphic design for this year’s BunFest.

“Serving South Florida since 2000, we could not be “hoppier” helping out these cute little creatures,” said Tara Biek.

You can check out photos from this event on the HSTC Facebook page of BunFest 2013

A number of generous sponsors contributed products, services and monetary donations to make BunFest 2013 a success. We thank you all so much for you help.

Alex and Ani -

Reel Sassy-

Stuart Pottery and Ceramics -

Stranded Treasures -

Laura Daniel Photography -

Lavender Rabbit Studio -

Cruelty Free Consumer -

Paint Spot’s and Splinters -

Bonnie Pulver

White Rabbit Beauty -

The Briare Patch -

Studio Marcy -

Patty Cake Art -


Pet Care Depot -

Leith Pet Werks -

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps -

Natural Garden Soap -

Sharon Foster Art -

Sierra Valley Hay -

Kim Kyle

Cindy Kelly - C and C Insurance Agency, Port St. Lucie

Natural Rabbit Food -

Chandra Beal -

Oxbow Animal Health -

Leaping Bunny -

Ye Old Silversmith

Bissell Homecare

Cathy Evans, NYR organics

Yorkie Fantasy -

Exfoliating Minerals -

Nucelle -

Crazy Rumors -

Busy Bunny -

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