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Alison Martz

Alison Martz has been part of our dog training team since January 2017.  She is owned by 2 dogs, 1 cat, a rabbit and a turtle that loves to climb in your lap. Alison has been the owner of  Dogs Gone Wild LLC since 2006.  Not only has she been a dog trainer for over 20 years, she has also been a professional dog groomer, show dog handler, pet sitter and a puppy raiser for different service dog schools.  She also volunteers her time as a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator for the dogs in training at the prison.

At a young age, Alison knew she wanted to make her passion (or addiction as she would say) with dogs into a career. At 14, she started working in groom shops and that led into showing dogs, which turned into dog training.  Somehow off the beaten path, she became a licensed massage therapist in her early twenties.  With Alison’s background as a massage therapist, she started using her massage techniques into dog training. Then that opened the door to where dog owners would bring her their ‘misbehaved’ dogs to her that have been kicked out of other groom shops or that were having problems being shown at dog shows.

Even though Alison has been dog training for more than 20 years, she would honestly say she has only been a dog trainer for the last 15. For 15 years, she’s been conducting dog training group classes. Teaching classes has resulted in the utmost feeling of accomplishment in her career. Alison’s goal is to teach people on how to understand their dog. In her opinion, anyone can learn to be a dog trainer, but not everyone can become a Dog trainer Instructor. Being an instructor takes a lot of communication, not only to the dog but to the human.



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2015 Treasure Coast Choice Award


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