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Give Homeless Animals a Second Chance Today

Monicas Second Chance

Monica lived happy with an older widower, but when he passed away her world turned upside down. Neighbors brought the nervous, shaken dog here, and we promised we would do everything we could to make her happy again.

During the ensuing month, we filled every moment with love. We also updated her vaccines and cleaned her teeth, both overdue. In time, along came a perfect match: Another single gentleman, recently retired, who described himself as a “homebody.” He was everything Monica needed!

Give Homeless Animals a Second Chance Today

Please help the HSTC raise $20,000 by the end of March. Your support is urgently needed to help save the lives of homeless and neglected animals in our community. Your gift will provide them with food, shelter, veterinary care and loving adoptive families.

Please give more animals like Monica a second chance by making your generous gift today.




















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