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What We Do


To assure a better life for companion animals by providing shelter, finding loving homes and promoting respect for their place in our lives.


Our goals are to serve the people and animals of the Treasure Coast by providing these services:

1. Low cost spay/neuter programs.

This service is provided at the HSTC. The AniMobile Program includes spay/neuter, a microchip and registration, rabies vaccination (if over 4 months at the time of surgery), nail trim and ear notch (feral cats only).The AniMoible program is offered for dogs at a cost of $80, cats for $40, and rabbits at a cost of $40.

We also provide low cost vouchers to be used directly at participating veterinarian offices. The vouchers are $100 for dogs. The voucher includes spay/neuter, a microchip and registration, rabies vaccination (if over 4 months at the time of surgery), nail trim and ear notch (feral cats only). Vouchers can be purchased at the shelter at 4100 S.W. Leighton Farm Avenue in Palm City seven days a week during regular business hours.

For more information on both programs, please call (772)223-8822.

2. Humane sheltering for lost, abandoned and neglected pets.

We do this through maintaining:

- a clean and safe shelter

- offer quality medical care

- nutritious food

- an enriched social environment

- active foster-home training and placement program

3. Return of lost pets to families.

We do this by maintaining a Lost and Found service that facilitates the return of lost animals by:

- a frequently updated display of animals in the shelter

- trained Lost & Found staff

4. Adoption Services

We do this by providing:

- a welcoming adoption center with accessibility including evening and weekend hours

- multiple off-site adoption sites including our Thrift Store and partnerships with pet supply stores

- trained Adoption Counselors

5. Humane Education

We do this by sending trained educators and animals to:

- schools

- day care, camps and after school facilities and services

- community events

6. Pet Therapy Services

We do this by sending trained professionals and volunteers with trained therapy animals to work under the direction of trained professionals in:

- programs that serve children with special needs

- programs and facilities that serve people with psychological/cognitive disabilities with an intent of facilitating an individual's progress toward therapeutic goals

7. Strengthening the human-animal bond

We do this by providing opportunities for people to interact positively with animals at:

- obedience and agility classes

- community fundraisers that include fun activities with their animals

- supervised training for volunteers with shelter animals

8. Providing disaster preparedness

We do this by providing disaster planning options for residents:

- lists of recomendations for safe travel with pets preceding/following disasters

- lists of recomendations for staying in the home with pets during/after disasters

- work in conjunction with Martin County by maintaining a Domestic Pet Friendly Sheltering Program for residents ordered to evacuate.


4100 SW Leighton Farm Ave

Palm City, Florida 34990

(772) 223-8822

2015 Treasure Coast Choice Award


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